The Idiot

from by Worldengine



Music and Lyrics by Valmor Pedretti Jr.


He walks around like anyone else
He really thinks he's god himself
You see him on the street
And nothing seems to be wrong
Until his next fuck up

He believes he's in control
He pretends he's the man behind the show
He walks and talks like he knows it all
Until his next fall

Writes notes for himself
But never reads them
Feeling pride, so fulfilled
Till he looks in the mirror

His path is filled with memories of deception
He really can't choose any direction
His life is like some pointless tale
And look...once again...he failed

And when he gets mad with himself
He realizes the truth
He's only an empty shell
Going where the wind takes him

He's just a drop of water away from the ocean
He only regrets when it's late
He doesn't know he's locked inside himself
He never accepts his fate

Who in this world could save him? (From himself)
Who in this world could save him? (Just himself)
Who in this world could save him? (From himself)
Who in this world? (From himself)
Who in this world? (Just himself)


from Dark Matters, released January 15, 2013
Vocals - Cristiana Camboim and Andrio Maquenzi
Guitars - Valmor Pedretti Jr. and Andrio Maquenzi
Acoustic Guitar - Pipo
Keyboards - Valmor Pedretti Jr. and Vinícius Möller
Bass - Frank Heim
Drums - Paul Schreier



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Worldengine Porto Alegre, Brazil

Worldengine is post-progressive rock band with an intent to blur the definitions of musical genre.

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