Aurora Balloons

from by Worldengine



Music by Valmor Pedretti Jr. and Soumya Sen
Lyrics by Soumya Sen


Shivering, this thievery, the vanishing, the irony
Clever you are, this chilling, this feeling you put into me
Finish me, this tarnishing, and this whiteness over you and me
The lord gives and he takes and he lets us as we can be

The crying the denying the waves of things falling over me
This is who you are this was meant to be our galaxy

As you try to push me over,
The water seems to rise all around me
Bloody heart and broken veins collapsing
As we try to rush this out and break free

Oh you go the freeways, the eyes to see
There someone sets alive a burning canopy
Breathing leaving meaning to let you be
Not call you and tell you what you mean to be

As you try to push me over,
I try and try and be over the edge,
The water falls around me,
Is this what you meant?
Is this our galaxy?

This is not so much an admonition
It was not meant to be this way
Tell me tell us how to guard this tension
You won’t have me in your sway

As I try to push you over
You look at me, I watch you breath away
The aurora falls all around us
Is this our galaxy?

Leaving, thieving, this honest policy
Breathing, shivering, this wave falling all over me
Treading and threading and guiding me to ritual insanity
Rushing out from all our sides, waiting to break free


from Dark Matters, released January 15, 2013
Vocals - Cristiana Camboim and Andrio Maquenzi
Guitars - Andrio Maquenzi (lead) e Valmor Pedretti Jr.
Acoustic Guitars - Andrio Maquenzi and Valmor Pedretti Jr.
Keyboards - Valmor Pedretti Jr., Vinícius Möller and Andrio Maquenzi
Bass - Brenno Di Napoli
Drums - Paul Schreier



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Worldengine Porto Alegre, Brazil

Worldengine is post-progressive rock band with an intent to blur the definitions of musical genre.

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