An Outsider

from by Worldengine



Music by Valmor Pedretti Jr.
Text by Soumya Sen


“An outsider arrived here in the dark of the night. I offered him shelter, but in his eyes I only saw bitter remorse. He saw the past, present and future and was aghast by what we were, and what we could have been. I looked at him and I saw pity in his eyes. I was sure it was complacence and not pity - a caustic looking down at our civilization from whatever infinitely superior place he claimed to be from. He looked at the way our population exploded over the last few hundred years and he was on the verge of tearing his hair apart. 

Your planet's population doubled in what seems like a hundred years. ' He couldn't bring himself to the fact that in our existence, whenever there was intelligent life, intelligent life managed to overpopulate its own region, then overpopulate all other nearby areas until there only were other continents left to overpopulate. He couldn't believe that intelligence didn't realize that overpopulation was a gimmick of evolution. ' Nature's infinite insecurity that life will be thrown off-balance until new offspring are conceived.'  In my own self-doubt I angrily asked him the population of his own domain, and he replied that in the place that he came from, population has stayed the same for millions, billions of years and no one remembers when saturation had been reached. 

The outsider was regretting looking at everything. He looked at everything from a point of view I, or indeed anyone of my tribe would never be able to comprehend. Then finally, when he pleaded for food and water from a nearby shop in front of me, he was told he had to pay, and he looked at me with a questioning glance - 'pay'? 

I killed him moments later.”


from Dark Matters, released January 15, 2013
Narration - Christopher Guetig
Guitars - Valmor Pedretti Jr. and Andrio Maquenzi (lead)
Acoustic Guitar - Valmor Pedretti Jr.
Keyboards - Valmor Pedretti Jr.
Bass - Brenno Di Napoli
Drums - Russell Lee



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Worldengine Porto Alegre, Brazil

Worldengine is post-progressive rock band with an intent to blur the definitions of musical genre.

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