Dark Matters

by Worldengine

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Russell Whyman
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Russell Whyman Brazilian post progressive rock? This is first class rock with a classic feel in parts. Atmospheric, well performed and presented well. The band is obviously more concerned with people enjoying their music than making money. This is an attitude which should be encouraged.

A brilliant album.
Finbar thumbnail
Finbar 3.8/5 - The first of a new generation of 'post-prog' bands influenced by the likes of The Pineapple Thief (even guesting their frontman on the first track), Anathema and Porcupine Tree, using modern airy post-rock ambience and clean guitar tones. Huge potential here but they need to find more of their own identity and give songs more content. Favorite track: The Absolute Truth (feat. Bruce Soord).
Dann Chinn @ MIsfit City
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Dann Chinn @ MIsfit City Brazilians Valmor Pedretti Jr and Cristiana Camboim head a international project of smooth and finely blended progressive rock, subtle techno, heavy rock and folk ideas. Like so much of the emerging "nu-prog", it's strongly influenced by the smooth and richly textured atmosphere-over-complexity approach of Porcupine Tree, but brings its own admirable attention to detail, songwriting and content, taking a questioning, quietly angry look at the world's ills and delusions.
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released January 15, 2013

Produced by Valmor Pedretti Jr.

Recorded in several parts of the world during 2005-2012

Mixed and mastered by Thiago Grün e Valmor Pedretti Jr.
at 4’33” during 2009-2012

Artwork by Gabriel Not & Pedro Perurena
from a rough sketch by Valmor Pedretti Jr.

Special thanks to Eric Rickert for invaluable engineering duties.



all rights reserved


Worldengine Porto Alegre, Brazil

Worldengine is post-progressive rock band with an intent to blur the definitions of musical genre.

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Track Name: The Absolute Truth (feat. Bruce Soord)
Keep on walking there's a rainbow right ahead
The end is near, why are you looking sad?
Just reach out and we'll help you climb
The only thing left is time

The rocks are up there threatening
But will not crash you down
The only way avoiding
Is stand up and move on

Trust us with the light
We know the way by heart
Just close your eyes and follow
Restrain your useless fight


Can I wake up now? (There's only one way to go)
Can I wake up now? (There's only one way to go)
Can I wake up now? (There's only one way to go)
Can I wake up now? (There's only one way to go)

Keep on walking there's a rainbow right ahead
You're just about to start so don't forget your head
Just hold on to your hope and it will help you climb
The thing you've got the most is time

Trust yourself to find the light
Be lead by your own faithful heart
Open your eyes and watch the way
Don't stumble upon the harmless hay

Track Name: 12th
A feather made of light
A flower made of skin
All done
All gone
All sin

I want to freeze and stop
I want to cry and scream
I hold
I try
I dream


A blue wall turning black
A candle fading out
A lightbulb flashing dark
Infected open cut

Pulling down the screen
Inside of my own eyes
Collecting memories
I sigh

A chair seat made of stone
A bed of thorns and spikes
All lost
All torn
I die
Track Name: The Idiot
He walks around like anyone else
He really thinks he's god himself
You see him on the street
And nothing seems to be wrong
Until his next fuck up

He believes he's in control
He pretends he's the man behind the show
He walks and talks like he knows it all
Until his next fall

Writes notes for himself
But never reads them
Feeling pride, so fulfilled
Till he looks in the mirror

His path is filled with memories of deception
He really can't choose any direction
His life is like some pointless tale
And look...once again...he failed

And when he gets mad with himself
He realizes the truth
He's only an empty shell
Going where the wind takes him

He's just a drop of water away from the ocean
He only regrets when it's late
He doesn't know he's locked inside himself
He never accepts his fate

Who in this world could save him? (From himself)
Who in this world could save him? (Just himself)
Who in this world could save him? (From himself)
Who in this world? (From himself)
Who in this world? (Just himself)
Track Name: Aurora Balloons
Shivering, this thievery, the vanishing, the irony
Clever you are, this chilling, this feeling you put into me
Finish me, this tarnishing, and this whiteness over you and me
The lord gives and he takes and he lets us as we can be

The crying the denying the waves of things falling over me
This is who you are this was meant to be our galaxy

As you try to push me over,
The water seems to rise all around me
Bloody heart and broken veins collapsing
As we try to rush this out and break free

Oh you go the freeways, the eyes to see
There someone sets alive a burning canopy
Breathing leaving meaning to let you be
Not call you and tell you what you mean to be

As you try to push me over,
I try and try and be over the edge,
The water falls around me,
Is this what you meant?
Is this our galaxy?

This is not so much an admonition
It was not meant to be this way
Tell me tell us how to guard this tension
You won’t have me in your sway

As I try to push you over
You look at me, I watch you breath away
The aurora falls all around us
Is this our galaxy?

Leaving, thieving, this honest policy
Breathing, shivering, this wave falling all over me
Treading and threading and guiding me to ritual insanity
Rushing out from all our sides, waiting to break free
Track Name: The Visitor pt. I
We made a pact
To exchange visits

He travels here
I would go see his

Don’t ask, don’t tell.
The question of why

You’ll leave to the
Doctors who serve mankind


I can't believe
You're just like me
It makes no sense
Where is the man?       

Watch the silver launching
While I keep on searching
Too much wasted light
Won't let them sleep


Don’t be a pain
And just let him in

Welcome the man
Any shape he takes
Track Name: An Outsider
“An outsider arrived here in the dark of the night. I offered him shelter, but in his eyes I only saw bitter remorse. He saw the past, present and future and was aghast by what we were, and what we could have been. I looked at him and I saw pity in his eyes. I was sure it was complacence and not pity - a caustic looking down at our civilization from whatever infinitely superior place he claimed to be from. He looked at the way our population exploded over the last few hundred years and he was on the verge of tearing his hair apart. 

Your planet's population doubled in what seems like a hundred years. ' He couldn't bring himself to the fact that in our existence, whenever there was intelligent life, intelligent life managed to overpopulate its own region, then overpopulate all other nearby areas until there only were other continents left to overpopulate. He couldn't believe that intelligence didn't realize that overpopulation was a gimmick of evolution. ' Nature's infinite insecurity that life will be thrown off-balance until new offspring are conceived.'  In my own self-doubt I angrily asked him the population of his own domain, and he replied that in the place that he came from, population has stayed the same for millions, billions of years and no one remembers when saturation had been reached. 

The outsider was regretting looking at everything. He looked at everything from a point of view I, or indeed anyone of my tribe would never be able to comprehend. Then finally, when he pleaded for food and water from a nearby shop in front of me, he was told he had to pay, and he looked at me with a questioning glance - 'pay'? 

I killed him moments later.”
Track Name: What Am I Missing Today
What am I missing today?
What am I missing today?
What am I missing today?
What am I missing today?

Is it the sound of your voice?
Is it the touch of your lips?
Is it my hand on your hair?
Is it the air that you breathe?

What am I missing today?
What am I missing today?
The words you didn't say
The sunny or rainy days?

Just one more wish on a string (What am I missing today)
Tomorrow will be another thing (What am I missing today)
Just one more wish on a string (What am I missing today)
Tomorrow will be another thing (What am I missing today)

What am I missing today?